Practical Technology Showcase Summary – 2022-01-04


Best wishes for 2022 from all at OpenLink Software!

Here’s a recap of some highlights from our activities in 2021.

A full listing of our updates from 2021 can be found here. Recap is also available in newsletter form here.





  • OpenLink Virtuoso is a modern Data Junction Box,” available on-premise or in the cloud, built upon the combined prowess of a modern multi-model RDBMS and sophisticated Data Access Middleware. Put simply, Virtuoso harmonizes access to disparate data sources, through a variety of protocols associated with existing open standards.

  • Question: How do I leverage data in an Oracle DBMS using a variety of productivity tools for Business Analytics, Data Science, and DBMS-Independent application development?
    Answer: OpenLink Secure High-Performance Data Access Drivers for Oracle!




  • Benefits of Knowledge Graph Development & Exploitation using Virtuoso — Virtuoso offers a unique approach to Knowledge Graph delivery that not only provides a conceptually coherent interface to disparate enterprise data sources, but achieves this technically challenging feat with minimal (if any) disruption to your existing infrastructure — courtesy of broad support of existing open standards. More…

  • Knowledge Graph” and “Digital Twin” are terms typically used in distinct realms. In reality, these terms are deeply complementary!

  • BBC’s Dragon’s Den and ABC’s Shark Tank Web Site Savvy Comparison: In this Twitter Thread the digital savvy of both sites is given a quick evaluation focusing on Knowledge Graph existence and exposure that ultimately informs and affects both discovery and usability by modern search engines.


  • OpenLink Tweet Unroller (codenamed “Outarde”) — An example of a powerful productivity tool that leverages the power of RDF deployed using Linked Data principles. “Outarde”, adds new dimensions to Knowledge Graph creation, publication, access, and recall. For instance, it simplifies the transformation of Twitter Threads into Knowledge Graph nuggets for future reuse and recall — using Text Search or declarative query languages such as SQL or SPARQL.

  • Progressive Knowledge Graph Generation with Twitter — How-To Steps

  • OpenLink Virtuoso has now hit the 500K pulls threshold on @Docker Hub!


  • What is the OpenLink Data Junction Box, and why is it important? The OpenLink Data Junction Box (ODJB), is a high-performance and secure solution for configuring Data Meshes in the cloud. Each Data Mesh provides one or more points of presence for sophisticated data access, integration, virtualization, and management.

  • VirtuosoFast, Scalable, Secure, and Extremely Cost-Effective! — The unique performance and scalability benefits of Virtuoso have been well known for quite some time. Less well known are the hardware configurations used to deliver powerful ad-hoc query access to the public via popular services such as DBpedia Snapshot, DBpedia Live (legacy), DBpedia Live (new), the Wikidata variant that we host, URIBurner, and many others. We’ve assembled a spreadsheet of instance details revealing hardware configurations for various public Virtuoso instances to shed deeper light on this “best kept secret!”


  • Re-Introducing YouID — a Verifiable Credentials GeneratorWhat is YouID and Why is it important? This browser extension provides a “deceptively simple” solution for creating user-controlled verifiable credentials immediately usable with Internet and Web applications and services.

  • We have been showcasing and providing live demonstrations of a selection of productivity tools from our product portfolio. Find out what they are about, and why they are important!