Practical Technology Showcase Summary — 2022-07-04


Why should you consider OpenLink’s Data Access & Connectivity Technology?

  • Preserve Investment in IT Infrastructure
  • Secure User Access to Data
  • Reduce Costs of Application Development
  • Ease Integration of New Applications
  • Increase Sophistication of Application Functionality

We continue to develop and deploy high-performance and uniquely secure ODBC and JDBC compliant Data Access drivers (or connectors) for all the major SQL Database engines, as we’ve done since our founding in 1992.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to the Search and download page for our high-performance ODBC Drivers (sometimes called Connectors) for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, or JDBC-accessible Data Sources (a/k/a ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge), among others. You can look up ODBC or JDBC drivers specifically for —

  2. Download your FREE trial today!

  3. Need any help? Just reach out to us for assistance.

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