Practical Technology Showcase Summary — 2023-01-16

2023 is the year that loose coupling of disparate components and software composability return to the fore.

YES! No more expensive data silos (accelerated by application sprawl) impeding enterprise and individual agility!

Stay tuned with us in 2023 as we are committed to solving critical Data Access, Integration, and Management challenges with products and services delivering unrivaled performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. As usual, let’s recap some highlights from our activities in 2022!

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  • The Knowledge Graph, Ontology, and Linked Data Explainer by Kingsley Idehen, will help you understand why Knowledge Graphs, Ontologies, and Linked Data are powerful tools for digital transformation, by demonstrating how the magic of Hyperlinks extends beyond the World Wide Web. This post includes a collection of simple explanations with embedded use-case demonstration screencasts.

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