OSDS 2.21.6 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) 2.21.6.

Chrome Store Listing Page

This powerful browser extension provides the following benefits:

  • Discovery of Knowledge Graphs embedded in Web Pages
  • Unambiguous Entity Naming using Super Links
  • Knowledge Graph Export and Upload to SPARQL Query Service Endpoints that support SPARQL 1.1 for Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations
  • Built-in SPARQL Query Editor
  • Built-in URL Component Editor for RESTful interactions
  • Knowledge Graph transformation using a variety of Structured Data Formats

OSDS Exposing Web Application Knowledge Graph from its own Chrome Store Listing Page


Release Notes — including updates from 2.20.30 to 2.21.6

  • Added Upload to SPARQL option in Settings dialog with SPARQL Endpoint URL and Query Timeout fields
  • Fixed issue with improperly rereading Nanotation data after page content is updated
  • Fixed issue with RSS/Atom
  • Fixed issue with parsing bad JSON data with unescaped \n, \t, \r, \f, \b
  • Fixed issue with exporting from JSON-LD to N-Quads
  • Added option to activate JSON-LD Compact with support for Relative IRIs
  • JSON-LD JavaScript library updated to the latest version (8.1.0)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect character escaping in some RDF output
  • Enhanced error condition handler associated with “Upload to SPARQL Endpoint”
  • N3.js library updated to the latest version (1.16.2)
  • Updated character encoding used for IRI construction in HTML and RDF-Turtle generation
  • Enhanced code for User Interface tabs