Practical Technology Showcase Summary — 2022-10-14

Maintenance Release of Virtuoso 08.03.3326

This update release introduces the following new features and associated benefits:

[1] Encryption at Rest (EAR) — Virtuoso databases (your virtuoso.db or other .db files) are encrypted without destroying database management system (DBMS) performance or scalability

[2] Built-in (a/k/a Native) GraphQL support — adds another interface (to SQL and SPARQL) for declaratively operating on local and/or remote databases and knowledge graphs accessible to a Virtuoso instance

[3] Mutual-TLS, PKCE, and DPoP support added to OpenID + OAuth2 implementation — which adds new granularity to the multi-protocol Virtuoso Authentication Layer (VAL)

[4] NetID-TLS protocol extended to support blockchains (Bitcoin or Ethereum) as verifiable credential stores for cryptographically enabled self-sovereign identity & authenticity without incurring any gas fees whatsoever

Additional Information:

[1] Encryption at RestVirtuoso “Encryption At Rest” (EAR) Usage Guide - Tips, Tricks, and HowTos - OpenLink Software Community

[2] GraphQLIntroducing Native GraphQL Support in Virtuoso - Multi-Model Data Management - OpenLink Software Community

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