Practical Technology Showcase Summary — 2022-09-14

“The world of Data Access, Integration, and Management is changing profoundly”

So says OpenLink Software CEO, Kingsley Idehen.

There was a time when a DBMS table or Spreadsheet file was the prime source of structured data for operations driven by declarative query languages (prime example, SQL).

Today, HTML documents are emerging as broadly supported additions to the structured data source collective. For instance, here are live examples of declarative SPARQL queries that use HTML document URLs as Data Source Names — just click to explore!

Those queries also work via SQL. If you would like examples, just reply to this post to make your request.

Why is this important?

Existing tools for Data Analytics and Digital Transformation now have the ability to incorporate the Web as just another structured data source — that is growing exponentially in size and quality.

In just a few years, the Web has evolved into a global RDBMS and Knowledge Graph combo that’s accessible via SQL and/or SPARQL. Fundamentally, this evolution also implies an inevitable transition from emphasizing Big Data to Small Data — driven by hyperlinks emerging as ultra-powerful data source names and Superkeys.

Here are few selections of our Linked Data productivity tools

:pushpin: Keep an eye out for our upcoming bulletin, reminiscing about how our products and services have developed over the years, expected within the next month

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