Practical Technology Showcase Summary - 2022-03-11

Generating Knowledge Graphs from existing Data Sources is a game-changer — especially if you have a platform at your disposal that makes it all possible using existing open standards, such as our Virtuoso Platform.

Here’s a unique hypermedia document, generated courtesy of our new Twingler Smart Agent, that helps you walk through what’s possible. Even better, it’s easily sharable with others while doubling as a Knowledge Graph entry point (or an RSS or Atom Syndication source) in its own right.

Learn more about

  • The Twingler — A Smart Agent for Knowledge Graph generation from Tweet Threads
  • RSS feature of OSDS — which provides a productive method for content publication, syndication and subscription
  • What is Virtuoso and why is it important?

Demos and Tips

OSDS Reveals …

About Virtuoso

About OpenLink Knowledge Graph Productivity Tools

About OpenLink Data Access Drivers

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