Weekly Summary 2021-03-12

How do you use the technology that you are selling to me?

This is a question all customers SHOULD ask of their technology vendors.

Our Virtuoso-based Website leverages Schema.Org, RDF, and Linked Data, such that each page is a Knowledge Graph in its own right.

Here are OpenLink Structure Data Sniffer (OSDS) and Virtuoso examples regarding the Semantic Search Engine Optimization (SSEO, or Semantic SEO) inflection that Search Engine vendors are driving via Schema.Org.

It’s important to note that Software Applications, Products, and Offers are distinct entities, especially when dealing with Software sold via Licenses (which are also distinct entities), comprising a complex environment which can be difficult for anyone to keep straight. A Knowledge Graph, constructed using RDF and deployed using Linked Data principles, can help clarify their complex relationships for both humans and machines.

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