Weekly Summary 2021-03-05

Last week’s activity was full of use cases and demonstrations of the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) Browser Extension (a/k/a @datasniff). Before we dive into the activity summary, let’s cover the basics of this powerful tool.

What is the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) Extension?

The OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) (a/k/a @datasniff) is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi, that unveils structured metadata embedded within HTML documents and web pages.

Why is OSDS important?

At its core, every search engine optimization (SEO) effort requires agility in managing document metadata. OSDS allows creators and consumers alike to dig into that metadata, providing and/or gaining increased clarity about the contents of those documents.

How do you use OSDS?

Installation is just a few simple steps.

Some examples of what’s possible with your existing Web Browser once you have installed the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Browser Extension:

Here are a few use cases and demonstrations:

SeeAlso - Guides on the Supper Links features:

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