LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph Usage Demo: Structured Data Sniffer, Super Links, URIBurner (Live Virtuoso Sponger Instance)

How does our Virtuoso Sponger, URIBurner Service, and OpenLink Structure Data Sniffer interoperate en route to simplifying progressive LOD Cloud KnowledgeGraph integration from any HTML doc?

Here is a demonstration in three simple steps :

Goal: Human and machine readable variant of this: Knowledge Graph - COVID-19

Step 1: The Original Document
Analgesics Use and the Coronavirus: Finding Answers Through Biological Knowledge Graph

Step 2: Using the Document URL https://pharma.elsevier.com/covid-19/analgesics-use-and-the-coronavirus-finding-answers-through-biological-knowledge-graph/?dgcid=RN_CM_Sourced_300004813&sf232260833=1&sf232409509 Sponge (i.e., Extract, Transform, and Load to the LOD Cloud) via our URIBurner Service.

Sponging, as described above, takes the form of a URIBurner-specific URL: http://linkeddata.uriburner.com/about/html/https://pharma.elsevier.com/covid-19/analgesics-use-and-the-coronavirus-finding-answers-through-biological-knowledge-graph/?dgcid=RN_CM_Sourced_300004813&sf232260833=1&sf232409509 which triggers an processing pipeline that returns a description of the document, named entities, and entity relationship types that’s further enhanced via named entity recognition and extraction services looked-up from the LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph.

Step 3: Finally, using the OpenLink Structure Data Sniffer you can bring it all together via its Super Links feature that highlights keywords and phrases associated with entity matches; and then applies links to these highlights so that when clicked you are presented with a table of entity relationship types identified by hyperlinks that resolve to their respective descriptions. Just like a dictionary on-request.

These entry points, which are identifiers that exploit Linked Data principles, provide LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph exploration launch-points for the duration of your OSDS session.

The screenshot below depicts a COVID-19 Knowledge Graph launch-point generated from the original document that’s readable and explorable by a human or machine (e.g., software).


This post has demonstrated a “deceptively simple” example of the power of Linked Data and the progressively updated LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph, with an emphasis of COVID-19 research.

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