Using the New White House Web Site as an Entry-Point to Knowledge Graph Exploration

The new White House homepage is a knowledge graph entry point in its own right, courtesy of RDF embedded in HTML structured data islands using terms from the vocabulary (a/k/a ontology).

This means you can use the White House homepage URL as a SPARQL query “Data Source Name” (or Named Graph).

You can see one view of the embedded data with a quick click on the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) extension icon in your browser’s toolbar, as shown here:

You can also execute live SPARQL queries like this one that’s targeting the following two White House web page URLs:

  1. White House Home Page
  2. White House Administration Page

Additional SPARQL Query links for live demos re: White House and its Knowledge Graph exposed via HTML-based Data Islands:

  1. Results Page
  2. Query Definition

Thanks to the Knowledge Graph embedded in the White House HTML pages, a Smart Agent can easily discover, understand, and invoke actions such as Site Search.

Here’s our OpenLink Smart Data Bot demonstrating the point.

That results in the following page: