Weekly Summary 2021-01-29


Using the New White House Web Site as a Knowledge Graph Exploration Entry-Point

The new White House homepage is a Knowledge Graph entry point in its own right, courtesy of RDF using SchemaOrg terms embedded in HTML structured data islands.

This means you can use the White House homepage URL as a SPARQL query “Data Source Name” (or Named Graph) for “on the fly” data retrieval and upload to a Virtuoso DBMS instance, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Live SPARQL Query Examples using the URIBurner Query Service Endpoint:

  1. Query Results Page
  2. Query Definition

Live Examples using the OpenLink Structured Data Bot (OSDB, a Smart Agent), which uses the Knowledge Graph it discovers to generate a Custom Search Interface:

  1. Search Action Console generated from page content
  2. Effect of typing in keyword “Science”

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