Generating Powerful Knowledge Graphs from TechCrunch RSS Feeds

It is great to see that a widely read publication like TechCrunch continues to publish RSS feeds that are discoverable via metadata embedded in their homepage.

RSS is an open standards for content syndication and subscription. Thus, courtesy of its Sponger Middleware component a Virtuoso instance is able to build a powerful Knowledge Graph directly from feeds via the following steps:

  1. Go to Page
  2. Use our OSDS Sniffer Browser Extension to discover Feed URL
  3. Pass the Feed URL to our URIBurner Service using the pattern{feed-url}, or use our ODE Browser Extension to achieve the same thing via a single click.

Live Examples:

Once the data is in Virtuoso you can use any combination of Data Visualization and Analytics tools to exploit the Knowledge Graph it produces by simply using the follow-your-nose exploration delivered by hyperlinks functioning as Super Keys (as per Linked Data principles).

You can also simply execute a SPARQL Query that targets the Feed URL as the Data Source Name as in:

SELECT DISTINCT SAMPLE(?s) as ?sample count(1) as ?count ?o
    ?s a ?o .
    FILTER (isIRI(?s))
    FILTER (isIRI(?o)) 

Live Query Results Link.