Weekly Summary 2020-10-23

New Cloud Editions of Virtuoso 8.3.3319 are now available from both the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Clouds. In either case, you have a following benefits:

  • Choice of Pay-As-You-Go (PAGO) and Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) instance options;
  • PAGO instances offering unlimited connections (users) and CPU Affinity pegged to your Instance Type Choice
  • A modern multi-model DBMS and Data Virtualization Platform that supports declarative operations (using SQL and/or SPARQL) on data modeled as Tables or Entity Relationship Graphs.

Here are detailed usage guides for both the Pay-As-You-Go (PAGO) and Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) Editions of Virtuoso for Azure - Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform:

  1. Azure OpenLink Virtuoso Ubuntu PAGO VM – PAGO (which is available on a FREE 30 Day Evaluation basis)

  2. Azure OpenLink Virtuoso Ubuntu BYOL VM


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