Weekly summary - 2019-06-21

Here is our summary of topics discussed via social media by our team last week :

For (business) week ending 2019-06-21 (Friday)

  1. What happens when you access data in Oracle via an ODBC connection using our VirtuosoRDBMS

  2. How do I perform a master -> details lookup across StructuredData in @github and DBpedia, using SPARQL?

  3. Everything you can do in SPARQL is also available to SQL when our multi-model VirtuosoRDBMS is the platform handling queries.

  4. Using SQL via @dbvisualizer, courtesy of its JDBC support to query the LODCloud via our URIBurner service.

  5. PathoPhenoDB – A database of pathogens and their phenotypes for diagnostic support in infections.Virtuoso Usecase

  6. Everything has a Name. Everything has a Type (i.e., belongs to a Category). Everything is Related to something else via a Relationship Type (Logic).

  7. How Data storage fits into loose-coupling of Identity, Identification, authentication, and authorization.

  8. What’s the biggest pain-point regarding ODBC usage outside Windows? Fragmentation that’s leads to multiple SDKs and Runtimes spawning incompatible ODBCDriver deliverables. @OpenLink is preparing new #IODBC SDK & Runtimes for both #Linux and #macOS that solve major headache!

  9. GoogleSpreadsheet that provides a detailed analysis of the runtime related issues that underlie current ODBC application and driver fragmentation outside Windows ie., on macOS, Linux, and Unix

  10. DataSilos have a low Serendipitous Discovery Quotient (SDQ) while LinkedData (especially in SemanticWeb context) unleashes high SDQ via a single Hyperlink.

  11. Using Tableau as a Launch Point for SemanticWeb of LinkedData Exploration, via ODBC

  12. SuperBowl analytics using SPARQL and LinkedData. Visualizations will be on tableaupublic

  13. What is the difference between a Knowledge Graph and a Graph Database?

  14. Using a Hyperlink as a SuperKey brings a powerful innovation (re DataAccess and DataFlow) to both DBMS and Analytics tools.