Weekly summary - 2019-06-14

A summary of topics discussed via social media by our team last week :

For (business) week ending 2019-06-14 (Friday)

  1. Virtuoso Easy to install scaleable and secure!!

  2. SPASQL examples to our @github repo that demonstrate reasoning and inference applied to SchemaOrg terms for HowTo guides.

  3. Variant of reasoning and inference exercise using rdfs:subClassOf and rdfs:subPropertyOf entity relationship type semantics

  4. Natural Earth Provides a massive collection of ESRI Shape Files (.shp) that provide a cool dataset for GeoSPARQL exploitation, once transformed into LinkedData using Virtuoso

  5. SPARQL + HTTP fusion, in user-friendly form via @datasniff
    how easy tweaks to queries and associated #DataVisualization. Nigeria Ghana England populated areas

  6. Use OpenLink’s ODBC-JDBC Bridge driver to access @SAPInMemory from Excel on macOS

  7. Generating an entity relationship graph from CSV via @drawio.
    Implications? CSV docs are one of the many formats supported by SPARQL re Virtuoso. Another example of natural data integration that benefits from a #SemanticWeb of #LinkedData.

  8. What is the Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud, and why is it important?
    sheds light on the stealthy nature of a massive KnowledgeGraph that showcases the vision and practical utility of a SemanticWeb constructed using LinkedData principles. In addition, it also addresses fundamental challenges and solutions with regards to economic viability and functional business-model options.

  9. Circa 1992 we designed the Multi-Tier Middleware architecture that still underlies our ODBC and JDBC Drivers today.