Practical Technology Showcase Summary — #March Edition 2023

We deliver on our promises!

That’s right — we are committed to delivering products with unrivaled performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. We’ve worked tirelessly on enhancing our products and their release the past few weeks.

Don’t worry if you missed those latest Product Release announcements — here’s a roundup:

  1. OpenLink Data Junction Box (ODJB) 1.2.0 for the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds. See more…

  2. Latest edition of the Wikidata Knowledge Graph that we host and deploy using a Virtuoso Open Source Edition instance. This instance comprises 17 billion+ entity relationships, represented as RDF triples, that are available for live, ad-hoc interactions. See more…

  3. Latest edition of the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) browser extension. Browser support? Safari, Firefox, and all Chromium-based browsers!

    This release includes CHAT-GPT integration that provides productive workflow patterns for structured data generation, visualization, and export to various storage destinations (Filesystem, DBMS via SPARQL, Personal Data Space via WebDAV or LDP, Solid Pod, etc.) See more

  4. Virtuoso Enterprise Edition maintenance release!
    Enhancements include native support for the ACME protocol that enables deployment of HTTPS-based Web Sites directly from a Virtuoso instance; GraphQL subscriptions via WebSockets; generation of Knowledge Graphs from Fediverse documents via the Sponger Middleware extractor cartridges; amongst others. See the Release note.

  5. New DBpedia Virtual Machine available for the AWS Cloud
    This comprises a pre-loaded and fully configured DBpedia Knowledge Graph.

  6. New DBpedia Virtual Machine for the Microsoft Azure Cloud
    This comprises a pre-loaded and fully configured DBpedia Knowledge Graph.

  7. New Virtuoso Open Source Edition, delivering the latest incarnation of our high-performance and scalable multi-model DBMS. See Release Notes and Github Repo. As part of the Virtuoso Open Source Edition release, we also provide installer programs for easy DBMS instantiation.

  8. New Wikidata Snapshot available from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. AWS Cloud virtual machine comprising a pre-loaded and fully configured Wikidata Knowledge Graph deployed using Virtuoso. See more…

  9. YouID 1.6.4. New: Credential generation output in the form of a Link-In-Bio profile page that includes machine-computable metadata, mirroring private credentials notarized in a local X509 certificate. See more…

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