OpenLink Data Junction Box 1.2.0 Release


We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the OpenLink Data Junction Box (ODJB) 1.2.0 for the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds.

Release Notes

Current Cloud Offers

Amazon AWS Marketplace Offer

Microsoft Azure Marketplace Offer

Target Users?

Developers, DataOps, DevOps, System Architects, and Integrators within data-driven organizations seeking to apply the simple deployment and initialization of “the cloud” to challenges of data access, de-silo-fication, integration, and management.

Function-specific examples include the following:

  • Knowledge Graph and/or Data Mesh generation from disparate internal (and/or external) data sources, that can be additionally enhanced by applying reasoning and inference to entity relationship type semantics
  • DBMS-agnostic solution development and deployment
  • Data Security & Governance via Attribute-based Access Controls (ABAC)
  • Data Integration
  • Data Productization and Monetization


A pre-installed and pre-configured Virtuoso instance combined with a collection of complementary tools and languages that enable:

Pre-installed and Pre-configured Services

  1. Virtuoso combined Multi-Model DBMS, Knowledge Graph, and Data Virtualization Platform — supporting SQL, SPARQL, HTTP, WebDAV, LDP, Solid, and other protocols
  2. iODBC and unixODBC Driver Managers & Runtimes — for DBMS-independent application development, deployment, and integration using SQL, SPARQL, or GraphQL
  3. OpenLink ODBC and JDBC Drivers — Multi-Tier Edition for enhanced security using Attributed-based Access Controls via Session Rules Book
  4. OpenLink Data Spaces
  5. Java Runtime — including both JDBC-to-ODBC and ODBC-to-JDBC Bridges
  6. Python 3 Runtime — interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language
  7. PyODBC — an ODBC data access layer for Python
  8. SQLAlchemy — an ODBC-compliant Object Relational Mapping Layer for Python
  9. Jupyter — a web-based notebook environment for interactive computing
  10. Node.js — plus ODBC binding layer
  11. GO Language Runtime — plus ODBC binding layer
  12. SPARQList REST API — for interacting with SPARQL Query Services
  13. GraphQL-to-SPARQL Middleware Services — Grasp and Hypergraph
  14. SPASQL (a/k/a SPARQL-in-SQL) Query Builder — for Interactive Queries that extend SQL using SPARQL