YouID 1.6.4 Release

This new release comprises both Bug Fixes and Enhancements.

Bug Fixes

Generation of self-signed certificates now properly includes generation of a self-signed Certificate Authority (CA) certificate for signing Identity Principal Certificates. As a result, self-signed certificates generated by YouID are now usable across Apple Mail, Microsoft OutLook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and any other email application that supports the S/MIME protocol for generating digitally signed messages using a self-signed certificate.

Note: This functionality depends on the inclusion of an email address — which will be the sender in such messages — when completing the YouID Credentials Input Form during the credential generation process.

Thunderbird Examples

  • Creating a Digitally Signed Email MessageCreating a Digitally Signed Email Message in Thunderbird.png
  • Reading a Digitally Signed Email MessageReading a Digitally Signed Email Message in Thunderbird.png
  • Looking up Digital Certificate Details from an Email MessageLooking up Digital Certificate Details from an Email Message in Thunderbird.png


YouID now includes the generation of a portable HTML-based profile document comprising public credentials produced as part of its credentials generating functionality. This kind of profile document is generally referred to as a Link-In-Bio page, and includes machine-computable metadata (in the form of a Profile Graph) that mirror relevant private credentials held in a local X.509 certificate.

Credential Verification using the NetID-TLS protocol

NetID-TLS is a TLS-handshake extension that includes the addition of a public credentials lookup that matches privately held information to a public mirror, by de-referencing a hyperlink used to denote the subject of an X.509 certificate. Typical credentials used in this lookup include the following:

  • Public Key
  • SHA1 hash of Public Key (in a variety of forms that can even include Emoji encoding)

The screenshots that follow depict the steps involved, following credential generation by YouID.

  1. Credential Bundle Generation by YouID that output a Zip Archive comprising secure PKCS#12 files and other artifacts, as shown here:ZIP Archives Items Listing.png|1600x714,550x245
  2. PKCS#12 credentials are imported to a local credential store, typically by a simple double-click
  3. Link In Bio Profile DocumentLink In Bio Profile Document.png|580x462,550x438
  4. Identity Authenticity is verified via a NetIDTLS ServerIdentity Authenticity via a NetIDTLS Server.png|1598x722,550x248

Immediate Download Availability