Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.9 Release Notes

Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.9 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new Virtuoso Open Source Maintenance Release comprising a wide variety of bug fixes and feature enhancements across the following functionality realms:


This update introduces additional GraphQL enhancements for mutations and subscriptions, as documented in the recently published GraphQL Introduction and GraphQL Usage Guide posts, plus enhancements to the existing AnyTime Query functionality.

DBMS Engine

  • Added new JSON-LD parser
  • Added IRI validation bif: functions
  • Added GIT SHA1 signature to status and log output
  • Added current value of backup prefix to status report
  • Added option for soft CHECKPOINT, i.e., only perform a CHECKPOINT when the server is in idle state
  • Backported PL debugger enhancements
  • Fixed overflow in msec-based timestamps such as those used for AnyTime queries
  • Fixed PL debugger to produce better debug output for DateTime types
  • Fixed issue with NULL in Aggregate groups
  • Fixed issue comparing NUMERIC and DOUBLE
  • Fixed issue comparing timezoneless and timezoned dates in columnstore index
  • Fixed issue with GROUP BY on FLOAT values
  • Fixed issue with revoke all privileges from xx
  • Fixed issues running testsuite
  • Fixed issues packaging source for distribution

SPARQL Query Processor

  • Added default SPARQL namespace prefixes for ActivityStreams, GoodRelations, OA, and PROV vocabularies
  • Added validation to default-graph parameter
  • Added error logging for bad IRIs
  • Added multi-threaded NQuads dump variant for RDF Quad Store via RDF_DUMP_NQUADS_MT()
  • Fixed issue trying to make IRI from incompatible types
  • Fixed issue with SPARQL LOAD into an existing graph
  • Fixed issue with casting RDF datetime to a string
  • Fixed issue with explicit datatype of literal class; must cast value to a string
  • Fixed issue with label insert when using with_delete
  • Fixed issue with literals that have both LANG & TYPE
  • Fixed issue with load get:accept pragma
  • Fixed issue with permissions; users with SPARQL_SELECT role can now use REST interface
  • Fixed issue with serialization when datatype is missing, or lang is an empty string
  • Fixed issue with unnamed result from view
  • Fixed DISTINCT query compilation failure in certain cases where SELECT lists contain a reference to a parameter
  • Fixed --MM-DD is a valid gMonthYear
  • Updated Bootstrap to v5.2.3
  • Updated Bootstrap Icons to v1.10.3

Native Faceted Browsing Engine

  • Fixed format of INTEGER and FLOAT fields
  • Fixed issue calculating Unicode labels
  • Fixed issue calculating labels for blank nodes
  • Fixed issue with Unicode text in <span>
  • Fixed use schema:description as alt for rdfs:comment
  • Updated JQuery to v3.6.3
  • Updated JQuery UI to v1.13.2

Database Administration Service (“Conductor”)

  • Added Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) client protocol
  • Fixed issue in VAD installer when composing the VAD package file path
  • Fixed confirmation prompt behavior prior to removing user encryption keys from Virtuoso’s native key store

Web Server and DAV

  • Added support for Websockets protocol
  • Added JSON-LD support to LDP protocol implementation
  • Added correct HTTP(S) protocol to %{WSBaseUrl} variable
  • Added support for https connection timeout
  • Added support for internal CA list in https client
  • Fixed http_keep_session and related functions require NN 64-bit id
  • Fixed issue with .well-known/host-meta & co for application/jrd+json output
  • Fixed issue with Accept/profile; should follow RFC media type field rules
  • Fixed issue with SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy handler
  • Fixed issue when socket is closed prematurely
  • Fixed issue with LDP SPARQL queries and RDF Views
  • Fixed missing JSON-LD in RDF-related DETs


  • Added graphql-ws protocol
  • Added GraphQL subscriptions support
  • Added implementation-specific directives for SQL/SPARQL optimization hints
  • Added transitivity for smarter and more concise GraphQL-to-RDF-Ontology mapping definitions
  • Added debug options to endpoint
  • Improved mutations support
  • Improved SDL-type schema import
  • Improved error reporting on conflicting schema & mapping/annotation definitions
  • Cleaned up introspection schema


  • Fixed issue with rr:template: default is IRI unless column, datatype, or lang are given

Prebuilt Binary Installers

Additional Information

Great news! I am wondering whether this bulk loader issue has also been resolved: Errors when loading ChEMBL 30.0 dataset into Virtuoso open source edition v.7.2.7 running on Microsoft Windows Server 2016