Weekly Summary 2021-06-18

Hyperlinks as Powerful Data Source Names

It’s the year 2021, and enterprises and individuals alike are still asking the same fundamental questions:

  1. What sits between me and my data?

  2. Why is data interoperability still a problem?

  3. Why are IT project failures increasing rather than decreasing?

  4. Why does the cost of computing continue to rise relative to tangible value delivered?

  5. Why are Data Privacy and Data Security problems getting worse?

All of these challenges are the consequence of not dealing with the important issue of Data Access & Integration across Data Silos.

Fundamentally, as covered in this new post by our CEO, Kingsley Idehen, this is about understanding the nature and important role of Data Source Names (DSNs) and how they relate to Data Access, Integration, Virtualization, and Management. Read…


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