Virtuoso 8.3.3322 is now Live!

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new maintenance release comprising TLS, OpenID Connect, and OAuth protocol enhancements; bug fixes; and a few interface tweaks to aid better understanding of existing functionality.

Issue Type Issue Description Open Source Edition Specific Commercial Edition Specific VAD Deliverable Security Related
Documentation Update Improved dump_one_graph() function description and usage examples
Bug Fix Fixed Clickjacking Attack possibility in Conductor X X
Bug Fix Fixed HTML content handling X
Bug Fix Fixed lock problems associated with loading of large RDF data from files via the Conductor Interface X
Bug Fix Fixed invalid JSON-LD generated by SPARQL Endpoint for CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE queries
Bug Fix Fixed TLS renegotiation failure when HTTPS Verify setting for a TLS endpoint is set to none, such as for WebID-TLS protocol handling where Client Certificate Authentication (CCA) is only required when that aspect of TLS is in use.
Bug Fix Fixed CORS-related bug when using Filesystem-based Virtual Directories, rather than WebDAV
Bug Fix Fixed intermittent session expiration issues associated with Tables attached via ODBC, as revealed when interacting with Snowflake ODBC Driver X
Bug Fix Fixed problems associated with the Sponger’s Entity Description Service handing of special characters in IRIs, as exposed via the /about endpoint X
Bug Fix Fixed Conductor UI for enabling CORS for Web Services Proxies X
Enhancement Added Amazon IAM support to S3 DET X
Bug Fix Fixed dump_one_graph() condition that leads to error messaging stating Error 22023: VD [Virtuoso Server]SR601: Argument 0 of http_ttl_triple() should be an array of special format
Enhancement Added ability to set the User Agent Identity String used by Virtuoso Sponger when issuing HTTP Requests X

Installer Availability and Download Options

  • Virtuoso On-boarding Portal – where the new release is immediately available for initialization across Docker Containers, Amazon AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, and via On-Premise licenses

Special Offers

To encourage low risk exploration and exploitation of these powerful features, we are offering a number of special and upgradeable licensing deals on Virtuoso 8.x.

  • Priced from $99 to $999, we offer Introductory-level licenses that bring a complete suite of features to your evaluation and proof-of-concept projects, cost effectively.
  • We also offer extra-special, limited-time offers on Deployment-scale licenses that bring the full power and benefit of the new Release to any enterprise, at unrivaled competitive price levels.