Practical Technology Showcase Summary — 2021-12-03

5 Reasons Why UDA

What is ODBC, and why is it important?

Open Database Connectivity, ODBC for short, is an Application Programming Interface (API) for developing and deploying Database Management System (DBMS) independent applications and services; that is, applications and services that are loosely-coupled (rather than tightly-coupled) to a DBMS backend. More…

Why should you consider our Data Access drivers?

  • Preserve Investment in IT Infrastructure
  • Secure User Access to Data
  • Reduce Costs of Application Development
  • Ease Integration of New Applications
  • Increase Sophistication of Application Functionality

Get started :point_down:t4:

  • Go to the Search and download page for our high-performance ODBC Drivers (sometimes called Connectors) for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, or JDBC-accessible Data Sources (a/k/a ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge), among others. You can look up ODBC or JDBC drivers specifically for —

You can also refer to an OpenLink Outarde-generated Knowledgebase Nugget including all of the above, or contact us for assistance if you can’t figure out which download(s) are right for you.

Here are some important guides to understanding and using our powerful Bridge Drivers/Connectors:

About Virtuoso

About OpenLink Knowledge Graph Productivity Tools

About OpenLink Data Access Drivers

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