Practical Technology Showcase Summary — 2021-10-08


Re-Introducing YouID — a Verifiable Credentials Generator

We are pleased to re-introduce the iOS (available immediately!) and Browser Extension variants (available soon!) of our YouID Credentials Generator, with a major version bump from 1 to 2 and enormous functionality improvements.

Both app and extension provide a “deceptively simple” solution for creating user-controlled verifiable credentials that scale to both the Internet and Web.

Both solutions use existing open standards to facilitate personal privacy-related best practices, such as —

  1. Digitally Signed Emails — enabling verification of message sender

  2. Digitally Signed & Encrypted Emails — ensuring messages can be read only by designated recipients

  3. Sharing Files (Photos, Music, other Document Types) with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and other groups, without the need for third-party account creation by each group member

  4. Password-less Authentication

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YouID Related

  • OpenLink YouID version 2.0.1 for iOS. Here is a screencast demo published to YouTube

  • A screencast demonstrating how to read a digitally signed email with Courtesy of an OpenLink YouID-generated Identity card that includes a Hyperlink, verification extends beyond basic PKI.

  • Another screencast demonstrating how to send digitally signed email from an iPhone, following the installation of an X509-compliant Identity Card generated with OpenLink YouID.

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