OpenLink Delivers Maintenance Release of Virtuoso 8.3.3319

OpenLink Delivers Maintenance Release of Virtuoso 8.3.3319

This Maintenance Release comprises a new feature (SHACL support – see live demo), OpenID Connect and OAuth protocol enhancements, bug fixes, and a few interface tweaks to aid better understanding of existing functionality.

Release Notes

Virtuoso Engine

  • Added support for Eigen Vector Centrality (EVC) Graph Analytics via new plugin
  • Added support for OpenSSL 1.1.x
  • Added support for sponging profile document if it is not in RDF format
  • Added support for UTF-8 and other locales to isql
  • Enhanced CVS file handling


  • Added support for SHACL
  • Added support for QUIETGEO select option
  • Enhanced SPARQL-BI syntax that incorporates SHACL-specific extensions
  • Enhanced optimizations in the core query cost-optimizer
  • Enhanced Turtle, Microdata, and JSON-LD Query Solution Document Types
  • Fixed issue handling ASK queries comprising transitive subqueries
  • Fixed issue with optimization of IN operator
  • Fixed issue with transaction modes during RDF loading
  • Fixed issue with missing language tags and types in JSON-LD output
  • Fixed issue with bad hostname check during SERVICE probe
  • Fixed HTML-based query solution output to always include UTF-8 encoding

Faceted Browser

  • Added new setting to treat narrow string boxes as UTF-8 encoded
  • Fixed issue with strcontains when URI is wide
  • Fixed protocol for /sparql endpoint to avoid possible Ajax issues

Virtuoso Authentication Layer (VAL)

  • Added implementation of the Mutual-TLS using PKI to OAuth 2.0 (RFC 8705)
  • Added dynamic OAuth binding that works with any Provider that supports this modality
  • Added create and update timestamp for client and server sessions
  • Added ‘Verify’ action button to OAuth Provider Admin Page
  • Added service API functions for adding, editing and deleting providers
  • Added Apple SignIn to built-in OAuth Provider support
  • Added LinkedIn v2 API to built-in OAuth Provider Support
  • Added response types for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Fixed issue with creating new OAuth application bindings
  • Fixed issue with authentication using WebID-OIDC targeting WebDAV/LDP resources
  • Fixed Javascript error associated OAUTH admin.vsp page
  • Fixed issues with OAuth authentication by using Mutual-TLS via WebID-TLS
  • Fixed issue associated with ‘dba’ logins using some OAUTH services
  • Fixed content aesthetics re content of /.well-known/openid-configuration
  • Fixed issues uninstalling VAD package
  • Removed HTTP authentication request from /sparql-auth path
  • Small UI fixes


  • Fixed OAuth Admin Pages in the Conductor
  • Added option to Verify listed OAuth Service Providers
  • Fixed definition of OAuth Service Binding
  • Fixed OIDC post-logout-redirect
  • Fixed issues importing CSV files
  • Fixed issue with “Enable Selected” check-box in Sponger Cartridge Management UI
  • Fixed WebDAV urls when port in the INI file and PATH are different
  • Small UI fixes

WebDAV File System

  • Added create collection should check for empty names
  • Fixed issue transforming WebDAV ACLs to Graph ACLs
  • Fixed issue with WebDAV upgrade
  • Fixed issue with OIDC authentication
  • Fixed advanced ACLs based on WebID and NetID
  • Fixed issue with File System DET folder creation
  • Removed JSON-LD type for LDP folders

Installer Availability and Download Options

Special Offers

To encourage low risk exploration and exploitation of these powerful features, we are offering a number of special and upgradeable licensing deals on Virtuoso 8.x.

  • Our Personal-scale license brings most enterprise-grade features to the desktop, fitting an individual’s budget and without requiring enterprise-grade administration or training.
  • Several Developer-scale licenses enable cost-effective learning and experimentation, priced from $99 to $999, depending on the features you choose to explore.
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