Virtuoso Version 08.03.3316 Maintenance Release

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the Virtuoso 08.03.3316 maintenance release.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Type Issue
Enhancement Support for GeoSPARQL POINTZ (elevation) in JDBC Driver
Enhancement Added “repl_purge_to_level()” function to purge RDF Graph Replication logs
Enhancement Support for /proxy on default SSL endpoint
Enhancement Support for SPARQL Endpoint to related Virtual Directories associated with default SSL Domain
Enhancement Support for “EMPTY” and “” notations in EWKT, for GeoSPARQL compliance tests
Enhancement Added sys_stat(‘tws_max_connects’) for max number of http threads used from server start
Enhancement Added support for handling multiple Unicode switches supported via the new iODBC Driver Manager
Enhancement Added RDF Graph security test with VAL ACLs
Bug Fix Conductor to correctly displays the list of db objects by default or when you click on “update display”
Bug Fix Elastic Cluster to listen on all HTTP interfaces
Bug Fix Elastic Cluster crash installer sponger cartridges VAD
Bug Fix Elastic Cluster “VNDSN: Undefined DSN in remote table access. Check sys_data_source table on all servers in cluster” error querying remote RDF Views
Bug Fix VAL HTTPS renegotiation handshake issue
Bug Fix VDB problem handling SQL_BIGINT data returned by MySQL and other ODBC drivers
Bug Fix License “module” such the “REPL” (Replication) module works without explicit need for “VDB” module
Bug Fix Crash executing SPARQL query with LIMIT clause
Bug Fix RDF Graph Replication not retaining object XMLLiteral datatype values when triples replicated to subscriber nodes
Bug Fix R2RML - “22023 Uninitialized property qmfOkForAnySqlvalue in JSO instance r2rml:virt02-6fb9323fc3b6ca1f11fba499de44d6a8 of type” Error
Bug Fix SPARQL Query against RDF view of CSV attached table crashing the server
Bug Fix Issue with parsing /sparql page using XSLT causing Virtuoso HTTP service to hang
Bug Fix “Insert stopped because out of seg data here or elsewhere host 1 key RDF_QUAD_SP slice 0” error loading RDF datasets
Bug Fix DAV tables to be replicated over nodes of Elastic Cluster
Bug Fix Issue setting TCP_NODELAY on docker images
Bug Fix Printing OpenSSL version in log
Bug Fix bif:st_intersects issues
Bug Fix Removed call to DB.DBA.RDF_LONG_OF_SQLVAL for count() when populating physical triples via RDF Views Triggers
Bug Fix ODBC driver Wide=>Narrow conversion in UTF16 mode

Installer Programs

New Installers are available from:

  • Linux – this is statically linked for maximum compatibility across all Linux Editions
  • Windows – this includes support for the latest Windows 10.x generation
  • macOS – this includes support for the most recent Catalina OS generation

Installation Guidelines

In all cases, the installation of Virtuoso boils down to the following simple steps:

  1. Download the installer for your target host operating system i.e., where Virtuoso will be running
  2. Download your purchased license or the Free Evaluation License, if you are evaluating the product
  3. Run the Virtuoso Installer for your host operating system
  4. Startup up your Virtuoso Server instance (for Linux via: virtuoso -c virtuoso -f ; and for Windows and macOS via the Visual Virtuoso Server Applet)
  5. Use the HTML-Admin UI (http://{your-computer-network-name}.{network-domain}:{8890} or isql for the command-line interactive query tool to verify Virtuoso Server is running