Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.8 Release Notes

Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.8 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new Virtuoso Open Source Maintenance Release comprising a wide variety of bug fixes and feature enhancements across the following functionality realms:


This update introduces native GraphQL support, as documented in the recently published GraphQL Introduction and GraphQL Usage Guide posts, plus enhancements to existing AnyTime Query functionality.

DBMS Engine

  • Added support for IF EXISTS and IF NOT EXISTS in SQL DDL
  • Added more EXPORTS for plugins
  • Added current value of backup prefix to status report
  • Added support for changing the request timeout on http_client connections
  • Added support for internal x509 CA list
  • Added support for storing DH param in database
  • Added handle validation to ODBC calls
  • Updated CORS header handling
  • Fixed issue with 64-bit indicators in sys_stat
  • Fixed http_keep_session and related functions that require 64-bit ID
  • Fixed need for separate table to keep HTTP(S) listeners settings
  • Fixed issue with OpenSSL 3.0.x
  • Fixed issue with bad stats pending RPC counter
  • Fixed issues with HTTP renegotiate
  • Fixed compiler warnings and other small cleanups
  • Updated Windows build

SPARQL Query Processor

  • Added GraphQL to SPARQL bridge
  • Added support for HTTP status code 206 to signal partial result
  • Optimized selecting distinct graphs
  • Upgraded SPARQL endpoint to latest version of bootstrap
  • Fixed system crash on “Generate SPARQL compilation report” (fixes #1068)
  • Fixed crash on vec temp res w/ nulls (fixes #1065)
  • Fixes issue printing datetime boxes
  • Fixed issue with unnamed result col from RDF view
  • Fixed check for non-existing IRI ID
  • Fixed grants for RDF views
  • Fixed issue with returning the reserved 0x2000 IRI ID
  • Fixed issue where anonymous sponging is not allowed
  • Fixed timeout validation
  • Fixed error report on unknown help topic
  • Removed cast to string which limited output to 10Mb

Native JDBC, Jena, and RDF4j Providers

  • Optimized finalizers
  • Fixed IRI escape
  • Fixed issue with inserting Literal with Language
  • Fixed issue with query param binding
  • Fixed parameter binding issues in RDF4J provider
  • Fixed issues with query param binding

Native Faceted Browsing Engine

  • Added support to try loading external images w/ referrer policy
  • Added support to show users location on map
  • Fixed rounding lat/long to 4 digits to get true distinction on map
  • Fixed JSON result from FCT service
  • Fixed handling of inline images
  • Fixed issue with IRI search requiring 64-bit prefix
  • Fixed issue when an empty IRI is requested
  • Fixed URL rewrite rules
  • Fixed issue with pages calling batch FT procedures
  • Fixed small PL warnings

Database Administration Service (“Conductor”)

  • Added support for CORS allow headers in Conductor UI
  • Added support for local CA renewal
  • Added support for multi-domain certificates in HTTPS listener UI
  • Fixed HTTPS endpoints
  • Fixed need to disable VAD re-install if no such file
  • Fixed issue where https setup was missing CA x509 verify list option
  • Fixed missing delete from listeners table
  • Fixed update of existing listener did not write changes to table
  • Fixed use common API for adding new listener

WebDAV Filesystem

  • Fixed issue with delete on LDP resource
  • Fixed CORS header handling

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