Virtuoso 08.03.3328 Release Notes

Virtuoso 08.03.3328 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new Virtuoso Maintenance Release comprising a wide variety of bug fixes and feature enhancements across the following functionality realms:

Immediate benefits following installation of this maintenance release include higher performance & scalability — especially for write and delete operations — along with smarter security, increased stability, and a generally enhanced platform for exploiting the fundamental potential of secure and high-performance data connectivity across on-premise and cloud deployment configurations.

Virtuoso DBMS Engine Core

  • Added support for bulkloading compressed .jsonld files
  • Added tsuite entries for recent fixes
  • Added syntax for ALTER TABLE drop/add column … if (not) exists
  • Added %[xx]s for sprintf format for registry settings
  • Added various stability fixes
  • Fixed make all VAD folders private
  • Fixed permissions of files in VAD package
  • Fixed issue if original dfe not there; see error in optimizer
  • Fixed issue with distinct on huge XML entity
  • Fixed issue using case/when inside arg simple functions like min/max/count
  • Fixed issue with transaction mutex inside checkpoint
  • Fixed rdf quad sanity check for “O” column
  • Fixed first argument of CONTAINS() cannot be star
  • Fixed wrap unions etc. if non-select for EXISTS ( sub-query )
  • Fixed check for non-terminals in WITH DATA
  • Fixed missing check if column exists
  • Fixed non-terminal in union branch is not supported
  • Fixed missing check for table in positioned delete
  • Fixed check number of values vs cols when inserting into view
  • Fixed cannot add non-null column to existing data
  • Fixed handling of aliases in output
  • Fixed save/restore temp refs
  • Fixed do not change col_dtp if already set before
  • Fixed 64bit arithmetic overflow
  • Fixed 64bit arithmetic exception
  • Fixed missing reuse check for dv bin
  • Fixed missing check for max number of key parts
  • Fixed expand column list during parsing
  • Fixed missing arguments in table definition
  • Fixed compare only up to cha key parts

Web Server

  • Added function to return the current HTTP status code 20x/30x/40x etc. or NULL if not set
  • Updated support for guessing JSON related content
  • Fixed issue with incomplete mime part without body
  • Fixed issues with services.vsmx not working and missing default SOAP user

SPARQL Query Processor

  • Added MaxConstructTriples to SPARQL section of INI file
  • Added N-QUADS support to SPARQL Graph Protocol implementation usable via endpoint /sparql-graph-crud/
  • Fixed IRI patterns supported by SPARQL LOAD SERVICE
  • Fixed rdf_regex is set to work on UTF-8 by default
  • Fixed suppress errors on loading even for wktLiterals, just like dates/integer types etc.
  • Fixed signal error instead of crashing if bad indexes are encountered

Data Transformation Middleware Layer (“Sponger”)

Note: XC is for Extractor Cartridge and MC for Meta Cartridge.

  • ActivityPub XC: add option to avoid running on certain domains
  • ActivityPub XC: extension: add support for Pixelfed URLs
  • ActivityPub XC: extension: add support for remote URL patterns
  • ActivityPub XC: tidy incoming URLs
  • ActivityPub XC: data-modelling: use sioc:follows with inverted ?s/?o
  • Action Sniffer SynQ/MC: optimize SPARQL queries
  • Github XC: Gist enhancements
  • JSON-LD XSLT: use generate-id() instead of position(.) when generating child entity URIs
  • Fixed permissions of files in VAD package

Faceted Search and Browsing

  • Added support for showing custom datatypes
  • Removed old grants
  • Fixed pass lang param to navigation
  • Fixed show language when available
  • Fixed issues truncating lists using ‘>>more>>’
  • Fixed permissions of files in VAD package

Virtuoso Authentication Layer (VAL)

  • Added initial support for server aspect of IndieAuth protocol
  • Fixed SQL username login via http
  • Fixed remove server cookie when done
  • Fixed cross-site script error
  • Fixed permissions of files in VAD package

HTML-based Admin Interface (“Conductor”)

  • Added support for uploading NQUAD and JSON_LD data
  • Fixed permissions of files in VAD package


On-premise Installers and Docker Containers

Cloud Edition Releases for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Additional Notes

Upgrading an existing Cloud Instance Virtual Machine

Simply execute the relevant command for your operating system:

  • Ubuntu — apt update & upgrade
  • RedHat — yum update

Manually overwriting an older binary with the latest edition

If adopting this approach to your upgrade, i.e., copying the Virtuoso server binary (virtuoso-iodbc-t) manually to replace an existing binary, you MUST also update the libraries in the Virtuoso ~/hosting sub-directory, due to incompatibilities between the latest binary and previous plugin versions.

Additional Information