Creating a Knowledge Graph via a Single-Click

We offer a public service called URIBurner (a live instance of our Virtuoso Platform and its powerful Sponger Middleware Module) that leverages the power of a variety of NLP services, Entity Relationship Type Semantics, and LOD Cloud lookups for Entity Linking and Reconciliation.

Here’s a Knowledge Graph generation example, using a Blog Post that makes reference to Will Smith.

The entire extract, transform, and load process is packed into a series of actions associated with a single clickable URL (

Here are the different Knowledge Graph access and interaction documents generated as a result of the aforementioned URL lookup (or de-reference):

  • About This Post — note DBpedia Identifier for Will Smith as one of the skos:related property values

  • SPARQL Query (also usable via SQL) — where the solution document (result set) includes information from other data sources and is obtainable in a variety of formats (e.g., CSV and JSON).

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