Announcing a new DBpedia release

Announcing a new DBpedia release

OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the release of a new DBpedia Knowledge Graph instance based on the DBpedia Databus System developed by the DBpedia Association.

This is a wholesale replacement of the DBpedia 2016-10 release that has served as the nucleus of the Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud to date.

Service Endpoint Examples:

We invite everyone to have a look at this new DBpedia Knowledge Graph and provide feedback using our various communication channels

VOID-based Metadata Graph

Description Value
Number of triples 621,192,623
Distinct subjects 40,154,222
Distinct properties 54,151
Distinct objects 217,767,533
Distinct classes 483,620
Entities 27,230,024
sameAs links 49,127,463
seeAlso links 254,347