Virtuoso ADO.NET Data source

I need help in creating new data source in Visual Studio 2019 with openlink virtuoso data access provider for ADO.NET as the openLink virtuoso is not listed in visual studio 2019 as among the data source as seen in the openLink documentation 2.6 - 2.10

The Virtuoso ADO.Net Provider does not provide integration with the latest Visual Studio versions and would only work by invoking it programmatically/directly with the available ADO.Net classes and methods.

For Visual Studio Integration you would be better off using the Microsoft ADO.Net to ODBC Bridge provider, which should provide Visual Studio Integration, bridging to the Virtuoso ODBC Driver for connectivity to Virtuoso.

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Thank you hwilliams for your reply. I would be very happy if you can give me a step-by-step on how to get this done in any way of your choice, either by giving me a link to a video you might have done or any way. Please this will really help me as I have been struggling with this for more than a week now. Thanks.

@Joshua ,

Please look at the following Microsoft docs, since your binding to Virtuoso from Visual Studio starts after you’ve become familiar with the ADO.NET → OLE-DB → ODBC binding pathway.


  1. .NET Framework and ADO.NET Providers
  2. Connecting to an ODBC Data Source from ADO.NET
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Thanks, @kidehen for the help.

Hello @hwilliams, I have tried integrating the Virtuoso ADO.Net Provider programmatically in visual studio and it only works for creating ASP.Net projects, when connecting it to ASP.NetCore project (which is cross-platform), it seems not to work, and I don’t know why

Hi @hwilliams it’s the same issue i’m facing as well @ How to Read and Write to Virtuoso WebDAV. I’m unable to connect to virtuoso via ASP.NET Core 5.0. Can you share alternative ways i can connect to virtuoso via ASP.NET Core project?