Open invitation for contributions to an up-to-date list of query service endpoints that underlie the massive LODCloud KnowledgeGraph


An up-to-date, crowd-sourced list of query service endpoints that underlie the massive LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph.

Here is a Google Spreadsheet that contains a list of SPARQL Query Service endpoints. Please feel free to contribute any endpoints not on the list!


The LOD Cloud is a live demonstration of several capabilities offered by RDF-compliant Graph Database Management Systems (a sub-genre of DBMS), particularly –

  • Ad-hoc queries – varying complexity from any combination of human or bots
  • Performance, Scalability, and Availability
  • Entity Relationship Graph Exploration – before and after query solution production


  • Existing HTTP, ODBC, JDBC, ADOdotNET, and OLE DB compliant apps and services all have access to this massive Knowledge Graph

  • Richer knowledge can be derived by combining local data with master data from this Knowledge Graph

I have a list of 539 SPARQL endpoints and the number of triples in a Google spreadsheet.

Please let me know if you want to add this info.


André Valdestilhas

That would be a great addition!

Please put them into the “Raw Dump” tab, or create a new tab if your column structure is very different.

I have requested permission to edit the document, but in any case, you can find my google spreadsheet here in this link:

I’ve just created a new tab to avoid duplicate info.

Do you know how many of these endpoints are actually live? Ideally, its best to add a column indicating the state of these endpoints.

I’m not checking every day, but they were alive and working in the December 8th 2018. I’m actually using those endpoints in my last work (

I have just asked write access to this spreadsheet since I’m maintaining a number of SPARQL endpoints. I’m all for crowd-sourcing but I find this quite limited if by default the spreadsheet is read only.

Note that similar crowd-sourcing efforts are run in parallel by specific communities. For example, see the spreadsheet from the GLAM community making an inventory of the SPARQL endpoints loading data following the CIDOC-CRM ontology, at

Access granted.
The spreadsheet is write-by-request, but my mail filters aren’t quite optimal re catching requests e.g., yours.

Anyway, hopefully this is fixed now :slight_smile: