New OpenLink ODBC-JDBC Lite Bridge Driver (Connector) for macOS

OpenLink ODBC-JDBC Lite Bridge with Support for Java 8+

A new ODBC-JDBC Lite Bridge Driver for macOS has been released and is available for evaluation download from here. This new version includes support for the latest editions of the Java Virtual Machine, which now includes Java 15 and later versions, as of the time of this post.

General Pre-Installation Notes

Ensure a Java Runtime Environment (the Virtual Machine) is installed prior to the Lite Edition ODBC-JDBC Bridge installation, as the installation process checks for the existence of a Java Runtime before the Bridge installation is allowed to proceed. This is necessary for the Driver rpath variable to be set to the location of the jvm library it requires.

Notes for macOS Catalina

Starting with macOS Catalina (10.15), a Java Runtime is no longer installed as a core OS component, and components no longer check the previously default /Library/Java/Extensions folder for the existence of jar files. Now, the location of the JDBC driver jar file(s) for the target database must be set with the macOS launchctl command such that it can be located by the driver at runtime, as follows:

launchctl setenv CLASSPATH /path/to/file/filename.jar


  • for the OpenLink JDBC-to-ODBC Bridge Driver

    launchctl setenv CLASSPATH /Library/Java/Extensions/opljdbc4_2.jar

  • for the Virtuoso JDBC Driver

    launchctl setenv CLASSPATH /Library/Java/Extensions/virtjdbc4_2.jar