Nesting ISQL commands in VSP files

I have been able to post form values from one VSP file to itself and I was able to retrieve the values. I have also seen and tested the WebDAV operability using Interactive SQL (ISQL) and it works as well using the console provided in Virtuoso.

However, I cannot seem to find a demo in the documentation on how to nest ISQL commands in VSP files and issue the WebDAV commands from within the files. Please can anyone assist me with a sample? Thank you.

What do you mean by Nesting iSQL commands ? This example document on Manipulating Database Data in VSP shows how multiple queries/commands can be executed in a VSP page.

Are you trying to interact with WebDAV via SQL? If so, you can take a look at the WebDAV Chapter in our online docs.

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Thanks a lot @hwilliams, your article is helpful. I would explore it and revert.

Thanks for asking @kidehen

I was eventually able to access WebDAV using .NET earlier today based on the guide provided by @hwilliams in this article: How to Read and Write to Virtuoso WebDAV - Virtuoso Universal Server / Web Application Services - OpenLink Software Community (

However, this is still helpful as it provides everything I would need to manipulate WebDAV via VSP files in the future. Today has been very productive due to the help from your team. Thanks again.

@hwilliams, there seems to be a fundamental problem with this.

I think the real question is, how can I connect to WebDAV using this approach? The example refers to a database. However, it doesn’t detail what we need to open a connection.

Please let me know how I can establish a database connection properly in a VSP file.

Thank you.

Ultimately, they should be using HTTP for WebDAV interactions rather than SQL. The ODS-Briefcase API covers all of this at an even higher level of abstraction for developers.

Here is my live ODS-Briefcase Instance.


@kidehen, please can I just see a simple implementation of creating a file or folder in WebDAV using server-side code written in a VSP file?

See How to Read and Write to Virtuoso WebDAV where the same questions have been asked …