Natural language search over Virtuoso

Hi Team,
is there any possible way to perform a Natural language query over the triples in Virtuoso?


Hi nizardeen,

What do you mean by this ?

Querying in English like “How many dbo:Actors have played in a movie of which the director is born in the same city ?”.


Yes @Gilles_Serasset something similar to this.

The Virtuoso Sponger Middleware can be used for performing NLP operations over RDF data. We also have a number of additional tools that can use used for NLP processing as detailed in this Exploiting HTML-hosted Knowledge Graphs -- Using OpenLink Productivity Tools post.

Hi Giles,

What you need will happen via a plugin for CHAT-GPT whenever its opened up to us via the waitlist. Basically, the sequence will be as follows:

  1. Type in natural language query via CHAT-GPT interface
  2. CHAT-GPT invokes a SPARQL plugin that generates the SPARQL Query and routes it to a SPARQL endpoint
  3. SPARQL endpoint returns solution to CHAT-GPT
  4. CHAT-GPT presents as a response.

Holdup right now is access to the CHAT-GPT plugin API which is making its way through a waitlist.