Maximizing new innovations without ripping & replacing what exists

Maximizing new innovations without ripping & replacing what exists is all about pragmatic capabilities such as SPARQL SQL exploitation using existing ODBC JDBC apps.

Click here to see a demonstration : (use “vdb” for uid and pwd when challenged).

You already have SQL-savvy staff. You already have lots of ODBC-, JDBC-, ADO.NET applications covering needs associated with Systems-Of-Record and Systems-Of-Engagement. Thus, building your new generation Systems-Of-Intelligence doesn’t need to be a “rip and replace” affair i.e., build on what you already have while continuing to leverage the “mix and match” flexibility ensured by open standards adoption.

Extending SQL using SPARQL reduces the costs and risks associated with modernizing existing ODBC , JDBC, ADO.Net apps & services, along the following lines:

  1. Existing apps transparently include a Hyperlink per entity functioning as a SuperKey without re-writes

  2. Developers and users that have already mastered SQL and Database application development skills remain productive i.e., they don’t need to learn a new proprietary query language that’s DBMS specific .

Starting at $19.99 you can acquire ODBC or JDBC access and exploration (via existing Analytics tools) to the LODCloud using SQL, courtesy of our live URIBurner instance :slight_smile:

Click here for $19.99 Online Offer

You can instantiate your own Virtuoso instance in the AWS Cloud which also includes an ability to use SQL (via existing ODBC and JDBC apps) to access the LODCloud Knowledge Graph.

Alternatively you can install Virtuoso on-premise for exploiting the LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph and Linked Data in general, via ODBC or JDBC.

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  3. Click here for Linux