June 2019 Newsletter

Virtuoso 8.3 Available for Download

Virtuoso 8.3 brings enhancements including:

  • Knowledge graph creation from CSV Documents
  • Virtuoso ODBC Driver for Linux, macOS, and other Unix-like platforms is now compatible with both iODBC and unixODBC driver managers
  • Various bug fixes and performance boosts

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Exploring the Marvel Comics API using a GitHub Page

Navigate the Marvel Comics API through the Faceted Browser Interface, and generate semantic relations using Virtuoso’s built-in “Sponger” application for metadata extraction.

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Creating a Knowledge Graph of the Northwind Sample Database

Explore and rebuild the classic sample database with a modern twist. This example demonstrates how to generate Linked Data relations from a CSV rendition of the Northwind database that has been virtualized through attachment by a Virtuoso instance.

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Harmonizing a variety of SQL RDBMS Data Sources using Linked Data

Experience the “deceptively simple” nature of Data Virtualization using the combined power of Linked Data, Reasoning, and Inference, informed by terms from an Ontology.

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Repurposing Existing Content using Reasoning and Inference

Discover how Reasoning and Inference informed by terms mapped across Schema.org and another existing ontology enable Semantic Search Engine Optimization (Semantic SEO, or SSEO) without wholesale recreation of existing Web Content.

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New SQL and SPARQL Repositories on GitHub

Explore a growing collection of ready-to-use SQL, SPARQL, and hybrid SPASQL (SPARQL-in-SQL) scripts showcasing the combination of data definition, manipulation, and virtualization capabilities Virtuoso offers.

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