Every Network is a Graph. Every Graph is not a Network!

A lot of conversations today about Structured Data, Data Integration, Analytics, and Management ultimately lead to the subject of Graphs. Unfortunately, most of these conversations are actually about the Network sub-category of Graphs rather than the more generic category itself – thereby leading to confusion that manifests as problematic communications and narratives.

Every Network is a Graph. Every Graph isn’t a Network!


A Network is a collection Relatives i.e., all node connections (edges, relationship types, or relations) are transitive in nature. Fundamentally, without transitivity you can’t get perform Network Analytics using common algorithms that address Centrality, Degrees, Closeness, Betweeness, and Neighborhoods etc.

Network (Sub-Category of Graph) Illustrated

RDF demonstrates understanding of the insight above via use of Ontology i.e., through structured terminology definition a connection can be designated as being transitive; and courtesy of Linked Data principles, a human and/or a machine is also able to look-up the definition of the nature of a given connection as defined in an Ontology.

RDF Graph (Heterogeneous Connections/Relations) Illustrated

Labelled Property Graph (LPG) vs RDF Graph Narratives

Labeled Property Graph LPG narratives are actually about Network Analytics applied to a Network derived from a dataset. RDF narratives are deeper e.g., each Knowledge Graph comprises a variety of connection types.

RDF enables world-view descriptions on any subject based on a heterogeneous graph (rather than a homogeneous network), and if deployed using Linked Data principles the very nature of these graphs becomes both accessible and readable by both a human or a piece of RDF-software via look-ups (i.e., hyperlink de-reference).

RDF’s descriptive richness also overs a powerful foundation that accommodates reasoning and inferences over a variety of dynamically discovered networks that exploitable using SQL and/or SPARQL when using our powerful Virtuoso mutli-model DBMS platform.