Backup and recovery support for virtuoso docker image

I have created a Database with a striping option, now i just need to restore the backup dump. Is there any option for creating a database backup and restoring it back to the DB via the docker command?

No, there are no docker commands for backup/restore database operations, and thus the Virtuoso database commands for backup/restore commands have to be used to perform such.

hi @hwilliams thanks for the reply, i have followed the instruction for restore but getting the below error

15:29:42 Remove database file before recovery
15:29:42 Could not restore database using prefix virt-db-bak_
15:29:42 Server exiting

FYI, Ran this command “virtuoso-t -f +restore-backup virt-db-bak_ +configfile virtuoso.ini”

I have referred this link, but again i face the same above error.

Thanks in advance

The Remove database file before recovery message in your log output implies you have an existing virtuoso.db file, probably the database you backed up, in the directory the restore is being run from. So you should rename/move/delete the existing virtuoso.db file to enable the restore to proceed …

Sorry, it was my mistake, recently I converted from a non-striping database to a striping database, and the newly created segment (db-seg1-1.db) db files were not removed. This caused the issue.