Where is log file?


I can’t find the log files for my Dockerized Openlink Virtuoso installation that I downloaded from Docker. The version I’m using is 07.20.3236, and the build is from Feb 27, 2023 (795af34a7).

I have only been able to locate the startup log inside the ‘my_virtdb/virtuoso.log’ folder, but it logs only at the software startup. However, I’m searching for logs that can help me understand what happens during the execution of SPARQL queries from the SPARQL endpoint, which sometimes causes the docker container to crash (exited 137 status).

Virtuoso does not log SQL / SPARQL activity etc by default.

If you want to see such written to the Virtuoso log (virtuoso.log), the trace_on() function can be enabled with suitable option to log query activities or everything.

For HTTP activity against the SPARQL endpoint and other HTTP services the Virtuoso HTTP Logging can be enabled.