What is the most effective cloud provider to use for Virtuoso BYOL instance for a .NET application?

We develop microservices in C# and ASP.NET. We can target Windows or Ubuntu builds giving us flexibility on the VM to use for application deployment. We have had challenges in the past with deploying Virtuoso on Azure managed service, which does not allow us install ODBC drivers on the Windows VM where Virtuoso sits, making it difficult for remote .NET clients to connect. We want to move to a more accessible framework. Please can you provide some advice on the best host environment for Virtuoso that we can access from the cloud - GCloud, Azure or AWS, and the best protocol for accessing the Virtuoso server from a remote client. Thank you.

What azure managed service does not allow ODBC driver installation and how does it prevent this ?

What platform or OS does your C# and ASP.NET microservices run on ? As that is were the ODBC driver would need to be installed/deloyed, to enable remote connection to the Virtuoso database server.

Virtuoso as a database server can be hosted on any Cloud, on premise or other environment supported, with the ODBC DSN configured to connect to the Virtuoso database server.