What flavors of reasoning are supported in VOS?

What kind of OWL profiles are supported in VOS DD, EL, QL ,RL?
Is is possible to use or integrate standard reasoners? (Hermit, Pellets, etc)

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Virtuoso Open Source reasoning support is detailed in the inferencing and reasoning documentation. Integration with other standard reasoners is not supported, although it probably could be implemented if there were sufficient demand for it. Virtuoso 8+ commercial edition supports Magic Sets and Custom Inference Rules allowing custom inference rules to be created for most use case.

Hi Ricardo,

Virtuoso has its own built-in Inference & Reasoning capabilities. That said, if absolutely necessary, you can integrate 3rd party reasoners via a custom development efforts using the Server Extension API which allows integrated using a variety of runtime environments supported by Virtuoso (e.g., Java, Python, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Mono, etc.) or directly using ‘C’.

Virtuoso Functionality

Virtuoso Open Source Edition supports built-in Reasoning and Inference. By that I mean it automatically applies said functionality for the following relationship types:

All of the above are enabled via pragmas (within SPARQL Queries) and rules mapped to a named graph (created via SQL).

The commercial editions of Virtuoso go further by supporting Custom Inference Rules, courtesy of SPARQL as the Rules Language – facilitated by terms from the SPIN Ontology.

You would use Custom Inference rules to implement rules based on other reasoning profiles described by terms from OWL. Basically, you are only limited by imagination since SPARQL offers functionality delivered by Rules Languages of yore, e.g., Datalog etc.

All of this functionality is native to Virtuoso and scales massively.


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Hi Kingsley,
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I truly appreciate the time you took to answer the question, and the degree of detail of the answer.
I’ll also review the suggested reading to further understand the Virtuoso approach on this matter.
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