What are the basics of Linked Data?

This powerful concept is about using hyperlinks (specifically, HTTP URIs) as entity identifiers.

Why the HTTP URI specificity?

This form of identifier has a built-in ability to deliver:

  1. Denotation
  2. Connotation

Thus, like the Web in general, every link resolves to a document – but in this case the document is an entity description document i.e., a data-sheet rather than a wordy document.

Linked Data Entity Relationship Graph


  1. http://dbpedia.org/page/Datasheet#this – by simply leveraging the fragment identifier feature of HTTP, any hyperlink identifying a document (i.e., HTTP URL variant of URI) evolves into an HTTP URI

  2. https://community.openlinksw.com/c/linkeddata#this – does the same thing for this discussion topic i.e., https://community.openlinksw.com/c/linkeddata#this is the identifier while https://community.openlinksw.com/c/linkeddata is the document identifier

I’ll stop here for now. Post any questions if you need further clarity.


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