Welcome to the new Discourse-based Community Forum

To all our users, customers, partners, and friends —

With excitement, we present our brand-new Discourse-powered Community Site and Discussion Forum, at community.openlinksw.com. This is a place to ask questions about and help others with our products and technologies, as well as to share projects you’ve worked on and to collaborate locally.

This new discussion space includes built-in features like Web Pages that double as launch-points to a Semantic Web of Linked Data, courtesy of embedded descriptions of actions (e.g., “Search”) that are comprehensible by both humans and machines, enabling discovery and REST-ful interaction via tools such as our own OSDB (OpenLink Smart Data Bot).

Please use one of your social logins (such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn) to create an account, and introduce yourself.

An introductory post is a good way to start in this community. Who are you, where do you live and work, what brought you to these technologies, and to OpenLink Software…?

Before posting a question, please search the site to see whether it’s been asked before. If existing answers don’t quite fit your situation, use your best judgement about asking a new question or following up to an existing thread.

When you ask questions, please try to post them to the correct category. Additional tags can also be helpful to others trying to find answers, and trying to help users like you.

In your questions, please share as much detail as possible, so that others can understand and reproduce your issue. For instance, if you’re asking about an ODBC issue, be sure to provide the specific driver edition, name, and version, as well as the name and version of the ODBC application and host OS, and of the target DBMS. If you know them, anchoring elements of your question with relevant Linked Data URIs can help ensure everyone is talking about the same thing.

(If you’re concerned about privacy for any reason, our Support Center and confidential Case System remains available, but will generally be handled at lower priority unless you have a current Support Contract.)

If you have any questions about the Community site itself, please raise them in the Feedback category.

Please enjoy!

All of us at OpenLink Software

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