VOS 7.2.6 vs VOS 7.2.5 and VOS vs VEE

While the official open source release is until now the, I am asking if the next release 7.6 will include custom inference rules as in the VEE 8.

I also ask for some information about the major differences between VOS 7.2.5 and 7.2.6, and between the VOS and commercial solution.

Thanks in advance.

Custom Inference Rules is a commercial feature only and is not available in the open source release


Full comparison matrix re: features for Open source v Commercial Edition


@beli – You had also asked about the differences between and 7.2.6.

7.2.6 has not yet reached codefreeze, so there are several hundred patches, updates, etc., which you can review on github.

Please let us know if you need any additional information.

Hi Beli,

Custom inference rules are only available via the Commercial Editions of Virtuoso i.e., Virtuoso 8.x.

Comparison Matrix

Feature Name Virtuoso 7.x Virtuoso 8.x
Clustering for Fault Tolerance and/or Load Balancing
Configurable Policy-based Security
Content Negotiation Support including RDF handling
Two-Phase Commit (2PC) in Distributed Transactions
HTTP-Compliant Application Server
Industry Standard SPARQL Query Language Support
Intelligent Query Optimization
Linked Data Publishing
Meta Schema language
Network-based Query Parallelization
Parallelized SQL Query Execution
RDF Data Management
RDF Middleware
RDF Views over External Data Sources
RDF Views over Native SQL Data Sources
RDF aware Clustering
RDF-based Linked Data Deployment
Runtime Hosting
Multi-Model Storage Engine
Supports a Broad Range of Data Access Standards
Web Service Deployment Platform
Web Services to RDF Linked Data
Column-wise data storage
Data Compression
New Extractor Cartridges
New Meta-Cartridges
Vectored Execution
Attribute-based Access Controls
Custom Inference Rules
Enhanced Relational Mapping
New SPARQL Query Engine
Enhanced Security (PasswordLess OpenID Connect + OAuth)