Virtuoso support for RDF-Star and SPARQL-Star

Hi all,

Virtuoso doesn’t seem to support RDF* and SPARQL* at the moment. Is there any plan to change this in future? I have datasets that use reification widely, and this star approach would be pretty useful to me.

Hi @mbrandizi,

Our current position regarding RDF* and SPARQL* is that neither approach offers tangible value to the goal of describing statements (or claims) expressed via Entity Relationship Graphs i.e., the functionality covered by RDF Reification.

Virtuoso already provides a demonstrably scalable solution to the RDF Reification Issue, despite misconceptions about its syntactic verbosity (the driving force behind the RDF-Star, SPARQL-Star, Turtle-Star, JSON-LD-Start Syntax Sugar effort).

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Hi @kidehen,

thank you for your answer. Personally, I’m fine with the rdf: vocabulary most of the times, however, I’m under the impression that the -star extensions might become a standard, in which case its support would be motivated by the will to support standards.

Maybe, a good way to support that could be translating -star syntax into something like patterns based on rdf: reification.

Hi @mbrandizi,

I don’t believe it will become a standard due to many challenges that is has with regards to semantic clarity.

At the very best, it will be a suggest “syntax sugar” for translating to RDF Reification.


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