Virtuoso-opensource-7 Docker image and PHP


My current installation is the following:

  • OpenLink official latest Virtuoso open source 7.2 docker image in local system (Ubuntu Server 14.04 - trust)

What should I install (with or without docker?) to run the following PHP sandbox?

$conn   = odbc_connect('VOS', 'dba', 'dba');
echo odbc_errormsg();
$query  = 'SELECT DISTINCT ?g WHERE {GRAPH ?g {?s ?p ?o.}}';
$result = odbc_exec($conn, 'CALL DB.DBA.SPARQL_EVAL(\'' . $query . '\', NULL, 0)');
<?php while (odbc_fetch_row($result)): ?>
    <li><?php echo odbc_result($result, 1) ?></li>
<?php endwhile; ?>

Any comment would be highly appreciated.


What are you seeking to do, Deploy a PHP application using Virtuoso as Application Server or write a standalone PHP application making ODBC connection to a remote Virtuoso ?


Hi @hwilliams ,
Thanks for the documentation reference.
I’m interested in deploying a PHP application using Virtuoso as Application Server.
I wonder if a PHP docker container exists. Currently, I already installed an OpenLink open source Docker container, as you suggested earlier.
I found this container produced by third parties that it implements a PHP 5.6 connection to a Virtuoso triplestore through an unixodbc driver, but I already installed OpenLink open source Docker container.
Do you have any suggestions for how to proceed?
Thanks in advace.


Development indicate they shall look into how best the Virtuoso PHP hosting module can be added to the OpenLink open source Docker container (and closed-source). In the meantime if the container works then feel free to use it …