Virtuoso Open Source Best Practices

Hi,Every One

We intend to deploy virtuoso Open Source Version 7.2.6 in production, however, we do not know best practices.

  1. If we enable striping, how many stripings should we divide into and how should we configure the size of each striping?
  2. How do we configure Striping I/O queues and how are these appropriate (e.g., how many)?
  3. Do temporary databases need striping? How to configure it if necessary?
  4. What is the default transaction level? How to configure, is appropriate?
  5. Index: How to configure. If sparQL query efficiency is low, how to determine whether there is an index problem?

Or other suggestions for better practices ,looking forward to your reply.

The responses to these questions asked in git issue#989 still apply or are then any other specific questions or issue being encountered ?