Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.13 Release Notes

Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.13 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new Virtuoso Open Source Maintenance Release.

Highlights of this update include: increased stability; fixes for TSV output, microdata parsing; small enhancements to the HTTP server; fixes in the SPARQL query processor; build, compatibility and packaging.

Further bug-fixes and feature enhancements address the following functionality realms:

Virtuoso DBMS Engine

  • Added safe logical_* bif names
  • Fixed compatibility with clang 15 and newer compilers
  • Fixed issues reported by link time optimiser (LTO)
  • Fixed ‘Read/Write wait on column page…’ should be debug messages
  • Fixed various missing BIF functions argument checks
  • Fixed issue with cube/rollup
  • Fixed issue with bad date/time arithmetic
  • Fixed issue getting client status during swapping or www maintenance
  • Fixed issue collecting freetext stats during checkpoint
  • Fixed issue on rehash if dict_put is used in select list
  • Fixed issue with MaxMemPoolSize
  • Fixed put MD5 context on connection global (fixes #1287)
  • Fixed issue with hash in group by (fixes #1285)
  • Fixed missing sz check (fixes #1283)
  • Fixed length calculation in REPEAT (fixes #1282)
  • Fixed offset overflow (fixes #1281)
  • Fixed issue trying to normalize an invalid numeric (fixes #1279)
  • Fixed unfolded bifs have to have serial to distinguish separate calls (fixes #1276)
  • Fixed 64bit arithmetic overflow (fixes #1270)
  • Fixed missing check for star (fixes #1269)
  • Fixed set dc type on grouping sets (Fixed #1268)
  • Fixed check num cols in union branches when subq non-terminal is used (fixes #1267)
  • Fixed check for control exp over non-terminal not-allowed/can’t be handled (fixes #1266)
  • Fixed ft exp & similar not allowed in control expression (fixes #1265)
  • Fixed negative column offset (fixes #1264)
  • Fixed test for comma expression not allowed in arithmetic (fixes #1263)
  • Fixed cost on void geo function (fixes #1262)
  • Fixed memcopy buffer overflow (fixes #1259)
  • Fixed missing stack overflow check (fixes #1258)
  • Fixed alloc double dep on demand as as int (fixes #1257)
  • Fixed vec input should be declared as boxed i.e. array (fixes #1254)
  • Fixed ambiguous subq return (fixes #1253)
  • Fixed issue with non-string copy (fixes #1252)
  • Fixed missing check for const in predicate (fixed #1251)
  • Fixed const in predicate can be removed by optimizer (fixed #1250)
  • Fixed issue on any ssl w/h nulls (fixes #1249)
  • Fixed issue with bad index op ref in table dft (fixes #1245)
  • Fixed small issues with sql_to_c.awk script (fixes #1244)
  • Fixed issue with join and order by on null result (fixes #1241)
  • Fixed issue freeing n-way nic arrays
  • Fixed issue building Windows binaries
  • Fixed memory leak

SPARQL Query Processor

  • Fixed missing checks for service and query arguments
  • Fixed TSV output to use SPARQL 1.1 TSV specification
  • Fixed issue importing bad IRI pattern
  • Fixed issues with microdata parser
  • Fixed geometry objects must be represented as strings (fixes #1274)

Database Administration Service (“Conductor”)

  • Upgraded Conductor build process to use vadpacker
  • Added optional alternative names for server X.509 certificate
  • Fixed missing check for optional table
  • Fixed issue with initialization of snapshot fails
  • Fixed issue with wrong vad file path during vad install
  • Fixed save CORs via WS wizard duplicate cors options
  • Fixed preserve qualifier when updating trigger
  • Fixed missing condition for sponger settings
  • Fixed constrain site-name field to non-space characters only

Web Server and DAV

  • Fixed issue reading large chunked data in SSE client
  • Fixed issue with transaction boundary in DAV
  • Fixed issue with stack variable clobbered by setjump and longjump

Faceted Browser

  • Upgraded FCT build process to use vadpacker
  • Fixed namespace of inference rules graphs
  • Removed deprecated scripts


  • Upgraded RDB2RDF build process to use vadpacker
  • Fixed issue calculating hash when target graph is null


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