Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.12 Release Notes

Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.12 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new Virtuoso Open Source Maintenance Release comprising a wide variety of bug fixes and feature enhancements across the following functionality realms:


Highlights of this update include: increased stability; fixes for CSV, JSON and JSON-LD parsing; small enhancements to the HTTP server; fixes in the SPARQL query processor and UI.

Virtuoso DBMS Engine

  • Added JSON-LD parser mode for handling blank nodes
  • Added serialization support for missing datatypes in obj2json
  • Added statistics and setting to limit mem pool for chash
  • Added support for outputting XML and varbinary data in JSON
  • Updated CSV functionality
  • Added support for fetching attributes and attributes_info on user defined types
  • Added create user .. with password and identified by SQL syntax
  • Added uptime and memory usage statistics to status() output
  • Fixed many edge-cases in SQL compiler
  • Fixed issue getting lock information for status()
  • Fixed issue mixing vectored and non vectored ops (fixes #1184)
  • Fixed issue on cube/rollup with constant in select list (fixes #1195, #1197)
  • Fixed issue with TOP not working when DISTINCT is used (fixes #1158)
  • Fixed issue with freetext index; missing check if term is mergable
  • Fixed issue with function inside control expression
  • Fixed issues with unix timestamp
  • Fixed obj2json and obj2xml should be public functions
  • Fixed remove duplicate keys in oby/gby (fixes #1205)
  • Fixed sprintf format for windows (fixes #1203)

SPARQL Query Processor

  • Added support for GRAPH decorations in TriG (fixes #1169)
  • Fixed issue in ontology generation
  • Fixed issue with drop quad map graph
  • Fixed issue with restriction on number of deleted triples (fixes #1164)
  • Updated turtle/n-triples media type per spec (fixes #1187)
  • Fixed issue with very long sparql queries
  • Fixed issues with Default Graph IRI from table SYS_SPARQL_HOSTS (fixes #1086)
  • Fixed virtrdf:Geometry should be replaced with wktLiteral (fixes #806)

Database Administration Service (“Conductor”)

  • Added support for showing/hiding password in login dialog
  • Added backup before rdf view creation
  • Added auto-commit mode flag
  • Fixed CSV import in case of abnormal format input
  • Fixed issue refreshing status variables
  • Fixed mismatch of a URL parameter and control

Web Server and DAV

  • Added support for Azure Storage Account as a DET mounting option
  • Added support to avoid redundant check for 401 handlers
  • Added HTTP CORS pattern support
  • Added support for Access-Control-Allow-Methods different than Allow, for AJAX CORs
  • Added security_realm to access realm from VD
  • Added support for ping/pong and binary frames in websockets
  • Fixed FS directory browsing does not need SQL/VSP user account
  • Fixed HTTP 101/204/304 responses MUST not return content
  • Fixed LDP sparql queries delete/insert should search physical graph only
  • Fixed check DET HTTP status code
  • Fixed clear http method at session cleanup
  • Fixed do not use gzip if no content is allowed
  • Fixed http log records partial request over 4k
  • Fixed issue checking is_https on websocket
  • Fixed issue getting dtp in rdf box case
  • Fixed issue when response is chunked/gzip by app
  • Fixed issue with DAV_LINK double escape UTF-8
  • Fixed issue with bad Accept header
  • Fixed issue with double free
  • Fixed issue with updating permissions on wiki
  • Fixed issues with encoding of DAV URLs
  • Fixed websocket error message indicating what frame type is
  • Fixed websocket framing on text messages
  • Added MIME type text/markdown for .md

Faceted Browser

  • Fixed grants must be added to SPARQL_SELECT role
  • Removed rdf_resolve_labels_s case


  • Added quap map iri parameter
  • Fixed rr:template by default is IRI unless column, dt or lang are given
  • Fixed complete table name before quoting
  • Fixed case to ucase for case insensitive lookup
  • Fixed issue with column CaSeMoDe


  • Fixed issue when field type cannot be detected


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